Friday, March 14, 2008

Geela Wrap Instructions

The Geela Wrap is our variation of the baby wrap. Instead of a long piece of fabric, we looped it to eliminate some of the length and make for easier and more secure wrapping.

Click here to download directions for the Geela Wrap.

This video shows how quickly one can be Geela wrapped (16 seconds Baby People!).


Emily said...

Yay Geela!!!
everything is so cute, fun and exciting! I love the Fabulous baby things that you ladies put together and I can't wait to get some... I still want to be a part of your craft night too - that would be awesome!

mindy~ree said...

I just got my wrap in and I LOOOOOOOVE it!!!! It is so perfect! I have tried so many carriers and slings and my baby hates them all and so did I! This wrap...we are both in love with! It is so comfy and the fabric patterns are perfection! Just wanted to thank you for coming up with such an awesome product!!!! I'm telling all my friends to come check it out!!! Thanks!!! :)