Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Geela Instructions

You can not imagine how excited I am to post these crazy little instructions. Please enjoy them and start wrapping and slinging away.

Geela Wrap Instructions

Geela Sling Instructions

Thank you to Tara, Colton, Emily, Charlie, Franco, Vanessa, Jill, Clara, Clyde, and Ollie for being fabulous models.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


How cool is Etsy! Check this out y'all!

How stoked are the customers that bought some Leanimal before PR! So jealous! Also, she posts her music from the runway show.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tip--Banding the Wrap

Because our wraps are one size fits all, here is a trick to make the wrap as snug as you would like it to be.

Grab a loop of fabric out of the wrap.

Tie a rubber band around the loop.

As babies grow heavier, they may weigh down the wrap. Just sinch it, and you are good to go.

Check back soon to see our Geela Wrap Bands, coming soon. We will send them out for free upon request to customers who have already purchased Geela Wraps.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Nearly all bad moods can be ameliorated by this. The Kings of Convenience station on Pandora is salvation.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last Chance!

So today is your last chance to enter Stephmodo's Geela Give Away! (She's giving two people a $40 gift card to Geela's Etsy Shop!) Here's a sample of their main products (aren't they amazing?!)

The Geela Diaper Clutch: A changing pad that holds diapers and wipes.
Geela's Modest Mama. For all the women who want to cover-up while feeding. (Thank you for doing so, by the way...) The boning around the neck makes it easy for you to view your baby while the pocket on the front is perfect for storing a pacifier.)
Geela's Baby Sling. Enough said.
The Geela Wrap. The ergonomic miracle. As wonderful as the Moby wrap, but without the miles and miles of fabric to figure out. One easy loop!

Make sure to check out the Etsy shop for other fabrics; new stuff is being posted all the time (like later today). And don't forget to make a comment on Stephmodo's site (here) for your chance to win!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stephmodo Giveaway!

Stephmodo is one of our favorite blogs, found here. We are fortunate enough to have Stephanie offer to do a giveaway on her blog this week. Yipee! So head on over to her amazing blog and see if you can win one of two $40 gift certificates for you or other baby people that you know. Yes, we have fully stocked our shop . . . finally.

Favorite Things

This summer has been yo CRAZY CRAZY!  Julia has been off the radar due to her job on the kids' tv show Yo Gabba Gabba.  I have been traveling with two toe-heads.  As a result, we have not been stocking our shop as we should.  Well, we are happy to say that will no longer be the case as of tonight.  We have been posting many new items.  We decided we wanted to have an ode for our favorites of this batch, inspired by the photos and photo book that Colt Bowden did for us.  Someday I will have to post some of Colt's artwork.  He is groovy and so are his pics, enjoy.

Favorite Wrap

Favorite Modest Mamas

Favorite Slings

Favorite Diaper Clutches


New Instructions

Thank you to my husband Scott we will have new Geela Wrap and Sling instructions very soon, something we needed desperately. Here is a sneak peak at the new instructions.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gorgeous Baby People: Mates of State

Finn and I watched this several times the other day. The first time I watched it, I cried. When I was putting him to bed the following night, I sang him this song. All of the sudden, he jumped up and ran to the computer yelling, "Bunny. . . Bike." I was amazed that he remembered the video from my singing him the song. It obviously makes an impression. I still get chills every time I hear this song.

So you can imagine our glee when we saw this. Thank you Mates of State for making a perfect song and for being beautiful baby people. We love your blog and your music and your videos and your kids' names. . .ok, we're fans!

By the way, we finally posted some new Geela products, check it out >>>.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Backpack Hold and Diaper Clutch Tip

I found out about wraps late in the game with Finn. I had used the backpack hold with him, but he was 18 months old and heavy (35ish pounds :/). I was cleaning yesterday for many hours prepping for a baby shower and when I tried to put Franco back in the exersaucer for one last chore, he seriously communicated with adult-like facial expressions that it was not OK, followed by baby-like sobs. Franco is 22 pounds, sitting up and almost 6 months old, so I thought I would try putting him on my back. My husband helped me load him up and there we were, mopping the kitchen floor. Talk about awesome. I felt like he was getting in some good mommy time and I was able to get stuff done as well. Thank you wrap!

One of the things you can't do while babies are in the wrap on your back is take a self portrait, therefore, I don't have a pic of the backpack hold yet. I'll get on that tomorrow. As far as instructions go, you just start with the middle of the fabric on your tummy instead of back and literally put the wrap on backwards. We are going to be improving our wearing instructions soon . . . so much to do.

Wipes are a mom's best friend. Quick and easy access to wipes at all times is a must. The clutches are good for knowing where the wipes are. Here's a tip for being able to access the wipes a little quicker when the clutch is all folded up. When folding the clutch, on the side where the pocket opening is, place the pad flap under the diaper & wipes pocket. Then fold up the clutch as usual. That way the wipes are visible and grabable from the side of the clutch.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Barbeque Day Weekend

Jill's post below recaps a bit about the weekend, but I wanted to elaborate, if I may. BTW, Jill is going to lend her economic expertise, as well as many of her other expertii (plural of expertise?) to the Geela clan, we're so happy to have her. She takes groovy photos as well--blogging bonus!!

Moms out there know that nighttime is normal time. Oftentimes, I come cruisin' out of the kids' room yelling (in a whisper) "Off duty!!!" Given the fact that normal time starts at 7-8ish at night--early to bed for my little dudes saves my sanity--I feel the pressure to make a calculated decision about what I will do during my off-time. This weekend it was Geela, all night long. Frankly, its Julia that is queen of sewing. I got free sewing lessons as we finished some diaper clutches for etsy. The ups and downs of stamina produce giddy moments, not-so-giddy moments, and sheer slap-happiness. Sewing clutches is not so fun. However, their redemption resides in the incomparable gratification when you see the finished product. The fabric framed by the bias tape makes us a little excited.

So we pulled some all-nighters and even cut by candle light one night when we had a power outtage.

The funny part is, I'm just as happy to go "On duty" when the little dudes are screaming at us from the other room at 7 am. Finn yelling "Momdad!" (his made-up collective word for his parents) is the best alarm clock I can imagine.

The other groovy part about this Geelachella weekend was our trip to Los Angeles--kid free. We had three hours. We stopped at our favorite store, bought black bagloads of knits as usual, and then realized it was time to leave and we still hadn't found what we came for--wrap fabric! After I verbalize this, Julia responds, "I don't know where we're going to find it, I've looked everywhere." Ridiculously consequently she says, "Wait!", goes walking into the store in front of us that just happened to be open on Memorial day and walks directly over to multiple bolts of our fabric, in all colors!! Until then, we had only been able to find it a color here and a color there. To find it all in one place was a splendid thing (How Willy Wonka am I? Splendid?). This was a Geela miracle! O yes, on the way out of town, Julia spotted the ice cream dude. I hopped out, bought the coconut paradise whose name the man had mentioned (Spanish word,. . . bah-something) and jumped back in the car. These are heaven by the way, we consider them our closing ceremony to LA trips. They come in big tubes of plastic (like jumbo Otter pops). He offered to clean them off for me with a crazy looking rag. I was thinking, "Please don't."

This pic kind of expresses the chaos that ensues with Geela production. Of course the female in me really wants to post a pic of what the house normally looks like. What is it that makes us so ashamed of a messy house?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm not familiar with omens, but I'm pretty sure seeing a rooster roaming a (very developed) suburb of Orange County probably means you're guaranteed a pretty awesome weekend. Even with crappy weather on Memorial Day weekend, the ladies at Geela managed to have a great time cutting, pinning, sewing, photographing, and shopping...and now blogging. Our Etsy shop was running low, so we busted it out this weekend making some more diaper clutches, modest mamas, wraps, and slings. Keep checking Etsy for postings, because the new fabrics are to die for. Can a person get giddy about fabric? The answer is a resounding hell yeah you can. And we did.

Anyway, here's a sneak peak of all the fun...
The random rooster...in Brea?


Oh the possibilities...aren't they so fun!
Anyone who has ever spent time with kids knows that it doesn't matter how many things there are to distract a child, he or she will still insist on being right by you if you're trying to get anything done. And really, is that such a bad thing?

Thanks for reading! Check back often!

Geela Production

We have been sewing up a storm.  New products on Etsy. . .coming soon

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We only have two more clutches on Etsy. We have gone back to the sewing board to create some more. We are very excited about our new fabric combinations. Here is a sneak peak. We hope to have these done and up on Etsy in the very near future.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Geela Products Coming

We recently took a Geela trip to downtown LA and were so excited to find our new favorite  fabric source.  We were inspired to create some new wraps and slings with these amazing knits.  After 2 full days of cutting and sewing, we have 27 new items to post on Etsy.  The photo session will take place within the next few days and you will soon be able to view what we've been up to.  Thanks to Ruthy and a few others from the Mesquite gang for test running these new designs!  Let us know how they are working for you.   The photo below is a sneak peek at what's instore.    

Friday, March 21, 2008

Geela Blankie

Since we are limited on the Etsy site as far as pictures and descriptions go, we wanted to use our blog as a place to highlight some of our products and show their uses.

This is the Geela Blankie.   We love it for swaddling.

Modest Mama

By the way, thank you to Amelia Lyon for her photography.  She is a fantastic portrait and wedding photographer.  We love her!

The Modest Mama is exactly what it sounds like--it allows you to be a nursing mama, modestly.   
The top of the Modest Mama bows out so that you can see baby and baby can see you.

The Geela Daiper Clutch

This is the Geela Diaper Clutch.  It provides a portable changing pad wherever you go.  It has pockets for diapers and wipes and folds into a little clutch.  When my baby was a newborn, I kept my diaper clutch next to the bed.  Changings at 3 am were no problem!  The changing pad is a wipeable surface, convenient for protecting surfaces you care about (car seats, couches, rugs, etc.).  

The following photos demonstrate how it works!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Geela Sling instructions

The Geela Sling is a baby/toddler carrier.  Ollie is almost four years old and he can sit in the sling using the hip hold.

Newer babies can be "slung" using the cradle hold.

You can download instructions for wearing the sling

Friday, March 14, 2008

Geela Wrap Instructions

The Geela Wrap is our variation of the baby wrap. Instead of a long piece of fabric, we looped it to eliminate some of the length and make for easier and more secure wrapping.

Click here to download directions for the Geela Wrap.

This video shows how quickly one can be Geela wrapped (16 seconds Baby People!).

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Geela online begins

Geela baby accessories are now available online at www.geela.
etsy.com. Over the last year, four of our friends have had babies. We had a hay day creating baby accessories for each other, playing with cool fabrics and unique, usable products. By the time baby number four arrived, we had an entire collection of fun baby accessories outfitting each mom in their own individual styles. After lots of fabric shopping and many "craft nights,"
our idea for Geela had begun. We selected 6 of our favorite items and produced our first line of one-of-a-kind accessories. We've included our super unique Geela wraps and slings as well as a few other very handy and hip baby necessities.